Given the chance, Daniel would spend each day surfing or snowboarding, and each night writing about the natural world that hypnotizes him. Growing up in Portland, Daniel developed an instinctive connection with the Cascades and the Pacific. A decade spent in France and Spain couldn’t fade this bond, which is why he refuses to abandon the Northwest again. Daniel has written for Frequency: The Snowboarder’s Journal, Method Mag, the Sierra Club Oregon Chapter, and his latest project, Alpenglo. More of his work can be read at www.danielvoneil.com.


Dedicated to art, snowboarding and nature, Lori’s work calls attention to the sacred beauty of nature and the urgency to protect it. With a BA in Fine Art from Gonzaga and a curiosity for foreign lands, Lori has drifted across the globe, pausing for seasons to shred, paint and revel in the west’s majestic mountains and sea. She has designed graphics for North W8 Distribution, Sego Skis, Central Oregon LandWatch, and NOW Yoga. Her paintings have been featured across the Northwest, in spots like evo and Archimedes Gallery. View her latest projects at www.driftawake.com.



Crater Lake, Oregon