When white mountains turn rosy purple at dawn and dusk,

we pause to bask in the brilliance of Nature’s art.


During such brief but entrancing moments, people like ourselves pay homage to the spires of frozen water and radiant light that sustain us with bottomless stoke. By similarly calling snowboarders’ attention to the mountains’ inherent beauty and radness, Alpenglo Magazine seeks to illuminate the connection between rider and snowy environment. 

It’s time our community and industry became more aware of the precarious state of our winter snows, and began to show more respect to the natural world that makes snowboarding possible. Alpenglo’s mission is to bring a sense of environmentalism into snowboard culture. By focusing on people and businesses that are leading snowboarding down a more eco-friendly line, we hope to incite determination and ideas. Ultimately, we want to inspire snowboarders to reflect on their relationship with Nature, and incite them to act for the better of our rugged, wintery home.

This winter, Alpenglo Magazine will appear at select, like-minded shops and venues in Bend and the Pacific Northwest, free of charge, printed here in Oregon on 100% recycled paper. Through a combination of photography, painting, drawing, and creative writing, Alpenglo will portray the progressive combination of snowboarding and environmentalism that makes our mountain playground into something more sacred. Check in soon for more.